Methodology and organisation

Are you lacking storage space in your winery or cellar, do you no longer meet current quality standards or are you facing an increase in your grape supply? We are there for you, whatever the size of your farm, anywhere in France, because this is our business for over 20 years.

Optimised study time

Our approach is simple: build an architectural project around wine. To do this, we carry out functional and technical studies from the very first sketches, which also allows us to reduce study times and costs.

A precise approach for optimal performance

The definition of wine process equipment must be done together with the users, to include all the needs related to a specific methodology. This precision, included from the start in our studies, allows us to make the most of each piece of equipment, including technologies from other fields, so that the equipment adapts to the user and not the other way round.

Controlling consumption for a limited environmental impact

The energy needs of a winery vary according to the evolution of the wine and can be more or less important. Managing consumption is the priority in order to meet these needs with efficient technologies adapted to their environment.

Controlling consumption requires a perfect knowledge of the use of the building. To do this, we integrate all the building’s needs for each day and each stage.


This work allows us to visualise the power of heating, cooling, humidity, air treatment, etc. with precision and to understand the peaks not as an absolute power to be reached, but as a localised specific need. This global approach allows us to considerably reduce the power of the equipment installed.

Adapted energy production

Sun, rain, earth, wind and groundwater are resources available to us to reduce energy needs. However, each site, each building has different exposures. A return on investment study must be carried out for each renewable energy production, integrating the carbon impact.

One team, one contact person

An extension, restructuring or improvement project is a major undertaking, both financially and in terms of the time required, and requires a combination of different skills (architecture, building, processes, etc.). Our development is exclusively along these lines: providing our clients with diversified technical expertise and, at the same time, a global analysis of the project.


We implement this same strategy in the management of our projects: a high-level project manager and a multidisciplinary team to meet all needs.