Our intervention can be declined in various ways: feasibility study and master plan, assistance to project management, project management, general contractor. Each mission has a growing level of commitment to guarantee costs and deadlines.




Collecting and processing data, advising… our teams will help you define your process.



  • Assessing your needs
    • Current / future vineyard area,
    • Vine ratio and yields,
    • Type of harvest (manual or machine),
    • Harvest reception and processing,
    • Choice of vinification,
    • Storage and packing.
  • Definition of flows,
  • Choice of suitable equipment.



In addition to calculating reinforced concrete, metal or wood construction requirements, the Structure Division is there to choose the most suitable construction method for your project to achieve the best possible ratio between assembly speed and production cost, and at the same time to enhance the architectural objectives.



  • Structural design in Reinforced Concrete, Metal and Wood,
  • Structural Diagnosis,
  • Building renovation and reinforcement,
  • Reinforced concrete implementation study,
  • Special foundations.



Fluid management is essential in a winery. Harvest cooling, maceration, storage, wooden cellar atmosphere… all these data must be taken into consideration when choosing suitable equipment for your project.



  • Summary of existing installations for possible re-use,
  • Refrigeration calculations,
  • Choice of suitable equipment,
  • Power calculation.



Environmental advice means, first of all, working with the client to define clear, coherent targets within the budget allocated to the operation. It then involves guiding the project management team towards the technical achievement of these targets by providing suggestions and acting as a coordinator. The aim is not to replace the architect or design office managers but to be on the lookout for all the little inconsistencies and analytical problems that often lead to pointless expenditure or poor bioclimatic performance.


On site, when you’re looking to improve the airtightness of a building, the solution doesn’t just involve inventing new technical processes: it means, first of all, reducing the implementation errors on traditional components. In the design phase, the procedure should be the same: start by getting the project management team to work together correctly by making sure it has an overall understanding of the project before you start to invent new solutions.



An economist, a quantity surveyor and a draughtsman are there to produce a precise description of your project. This will enable you to obtain clear answers from firms in terms of price and ensure that the overall cost of the operation remains stable throughout the project. Over the years, our team has developed expertise in defining the referencing of recurrent materials. This involves selecting products by type of service and may go from assistance in negotiating prices and contracts to order forms with suppliers.



  • Project economy, design and build,
  • Quantity surveys for all building trades,
  • Consultation document, technical and administrative documents,
  • Analysing offers, drawing up contracts,
  • Financial statements,
  • Global cost design, project estimates,
  • Studies of needs, analysis of functions,
  • Technical and financial feasibility, new and renovations,
  • Product library,
  • Supplier listing.
project manager



The nerve centre of any operation, the project management division is made up of the project leaders and business managers responsible for coordinating the teams allocated to the different operations. The business manager is responsible for the technical summary of the projects and for ensuring that discussions between the other members of the project management team (architect, other design offices) and with the client and the technical inspection organisation run smoothly. He is the focal point for all information relating to the design phase and construction phase, right up to the delivery of the building.


The division also includes the site supervisors responsible for the SMC mission (Scheduling, Management and Coordination) on the site. Their work results in the production of regular reports to the client, along with financial reports that give the client a view at any time of the state of progress of the project, the financial balance of the operation and the correlation between the initial objectives and the result obtained.



  • Coordination during the design phase,
  • Updates with the client,
  • Commercial relations,
  • Work implementation department (WID),
  • SMC: scheduling, site methodology,
  • Forecast expenditure schedule.



Notre maitrise complète des projets nous permet de prendre tout type de chantier en clé en main. Nous déchargeons le client de l’ensemble des contraintes administratives et des risques liés à la construction.


Compétences :

  • Gestion administrative,
  • Gestion technique,
  • Gestion financière,
  • Gestion des entreprises en sous traitance,
  • Engagement sur les délais.



Our total project management means that we can take on all types of projects on a “turnkey” basis. We relieve the client of all the administrative constraints and construction-related risks.



  • Administrative management,
  • Technical management,
  • Financial management,
  • Subcontractor management,
  • Commitment to deadlines.

30 years of experience in the wine industry, serving our customers.